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Hi! My name is Brady Butler, and I'm the CEO of Vid2Rev. I want to start this off by saying that before I was ever a digital advertising expert and videographer, I was a small business owner just like you. My journey into entrepreneurship started off with 5 years of self-employment as a personal trainer. For me, marketing was never about how many likes I could get on Facebook or where my website ranked on Google. It was always about how to find paying clients that will help me pay my rent and put food on the table. I still remember how ridiculous I felt about the first $40 I ever put into a a Facebook ad. I also remember how my life changed when those $40 got me a client that paid me $600 within my first 5 days of running paid ads.

From that moment on, I never looked at business the same. Social media and digital advertising fueled my personal training business, as well as the businesses of multiple fitness professionals around me who trained clients for me. 


Then COVID hit. In an instant, the fitness industry all but ceased to exist and my sole source of income vaporized. Instead of allowing myself to freeze up and panic, I pivoted with the movements of the world and committed myself to developing an online personal training business. I hit a 5-figure month in my first 60 days of transitioning my business with BRAND NEW clients that had been found online, and it was at this point that I saw two paths: I could continue deeper into the world of fitness, or I could follow my heart and teach other business owners how to create success for their businesses using digital marketing. It was from here that Vid2Rev was born.


Since 2021, we've been helping business owners in every industry to leverage the power of their brand to generate paying clients online. We've mastered the combination of high-quality video production with expert digital lead generation tactics to provide businesses with everything they need to dominate the online space. In addition, our coaching program is truly a unique service that will teach you how to unlock the potential that social media has for generating revenue for your brand.


At Vid2Rev, it is truly our goal to be a one-stop shop for all of your video, social media, and digital advertising needs. If you are ready to start making digital work for your brand, then sign up below and we'll reach out to schedule your free strategy session!