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Case Studies

Explore an in-depth look at the approach we've taken with a few brands that we've worked with!

Fit-Rx: The Fitness Prescription for Ageless Health

The lifeblood of any gym, especially a brand new one, is lead generation. Fit-Rx was a brand new gym with a highly-specific niche, and they knew they needed to bring in new members FAST. Read about how we used video to completely transform their digital presence.

Elevation Beef Co

With the majority of their revenue coming from vendor events, this direct-to-consumer wagyu beef brand wanted to leverage their online store for more sales so they could make more money with less hours of working farmers markets. We helped them to do just that.

Homes With Tanja

PPC ads for real estate agents are particularly tricky, because the ability to target an online audience is limited due to regulations around real estate advertising. That's why video is ESSENTIAL for a high-performing real estate funnel. Learn about how we created results better than Zillow for Homes with Tanja.

Make Room Apparel

This Christian gym wear brand knew that their message would resonate with the right audience....once they could find that audience. That's where we came in and used data analysis to both inform advertising decisions, as well as generate social media growth. Read on to learn more.

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