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Elevation Beef Co


  • Promotional Video Production

  • Social Media Video Production

  • Digital Ad Management

  • Copywriting

  • Content Calendar Creation


-Increase Website Traffic

-Increase Site Conversions

-Deploy a "Holiday Marketing" campaign


Elevation Beef Co had a truly outstanding product: world class, direct-to-consumer Wagyu beef. They came to us when they had all but maxed out their capacity to sell their beef locally at Farmer's Markets.


In order to continue growing their brand, they needed to start selling to a national audience to flip the ratio of revenue they generated from coming mostly from wholesale/local farmers markets, to coming mostly from online sales in order to maximize their profit margins.

In addition, they wanted to run a short holiday campaign during the month of December. Seeing as we met in November, this didn't leave us with a lot of time to work, but we got the job done with flying colors.


We knew this brand's audience would respond extremely well to two different things:

1. Seeing how uniquely marbled Wagyu beef is

2. Watching someone else enjoy Wagyu beef

One thing that we've learned about advertising is that humans like to see other humans enjoying/utilizing products and services. They also like stories, and they also like things that are funny. So when it came time to decide on the creative we were going to produce, we landed on a comedic holiday commercial that leveraged the differences between "regular" steak, and the prized Wagyu Ribeye. Additionally we created two other pieces of content that were designed to push the message that Elevation Beef Wagyu is better than any other kind of meat. By highlighting the uniqueness of the Wagyu, direct-to-your-door availability, and spot-on visual branding, we were easily able to differentiate their product from other online meat products.

When it came to designing the offer, we needed it to tie into the holidays. We designed a "Holiday Bundle" offer, which would only be available for a brief period of time. By using a time-sensitive offer, we were able to create a sense of urgency with potential customers. 

Once we had our content and our offer, we created a strategic "retargeting jungle" that allowed us to effectively capture the attention of over 70,000 people during the course of the 13-day holiday campaign.

The Results

Within only 4 days of running our digital ad build, we were able to increase Elevation Beef's daily revenue generated by 2.01x their average.


Within 13 days of running their holiday campaign, we were able to attain a 4.03x return on ad spend, 1,327 offer clicks, and contributed to the best month of sales conversions ever experienced by Elevation Beef Co's online store.

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