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Fit-Rx: The Fitness Prescription For Ageless Health


  • Promotional Video Production

  • Social Media Video Production

  • Website Design

  • Website Content Creation

  • Digital Ad Management

  • Copywriting

  • Content Calendar Creation


-Generate Leads

-Build Website

-Create Digital Advertising Funnel

-Develop Brand


Fit-Rx was a brand new, very niche gym that catered specifically to people aged 50 and up. With a vast array of advanced training equipment and an expert training staff, they were in a prime position to gain a lot of new business if they could just nail down their brand image and their digital advertising strategy.

When we came aboard, there were quite a few inconsistencies with the brand as a whole. We went above and beyond by restructuring every element of Fit-Rx's digital presence while simultaneously developing a digital funnel that consistently spits out high-quality, low-cost leads.


Seeing as we were dealing with a brand that was in the infant stages of development, our first job was to create as much brand continuity as we possibly could. We began our process by completely rebuilding the website, making sure that everything from the text and colors to the service descriptions represented the Fit-Rx brand in a way that was easily digestible to website visitors. In order to differentiate Fit-Rx from their local competitors, we deployed an on-site video strategy designed to keep people engaged for as long as possible on each and every page, as we know that the longer we can get viewers to stay on the site, the higher the probability that they will desire the services of the business.

Once the website was rebuilt, we developed the digital campaign strategy. This included producing video content that resonated with the pain points and desires of the over-50 population, while also positioning Fit-Rx as being uniquely qualified experts in those areas.

With a brand new website and fully loaded retargeting jungle, generating daily leads for ridiculously low prices was as simple as flipping a switch. Best of all, the leads generated are all GENUINELY INTERESTED in joining the gym. With a powerful video strategy and specific advertising language, were were are able to weed out individuals with low-interest levels and focus on acquiring leads that were the gym's perfect demographic.

The Results

Fit-Rx had ran previous digital advertising campaigns prior to working with Vid2Rev, that were getting low-quality leads for $40-70 per lead.

With Vid2Rev managing their digital infrastructure, Fit-Rx is now able to consistently bring in high-quality leads within their target audience for under $15 per lead.

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