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Homes With Tanja


  • Promotional Video Production

  • Social Media Video Production

  • Digital Ad Management


-Generate Leads

-Develop Digital Ad Funnel

-Deepen Brand Personality


Real Estate is an incredibly saturated industry, and differentiating yourself as a real estate agent is getting increasingly more difficult.

Tanja reached out to us as somebody who had already put a lot of effort into being consistent on social media. However she knew that she could get farther, faster, with the right digital approach. 

We knew that Tanja's brand had a ton of potential as she was a highly-engaging character. We worked with her to bring the fullness of her personality into her business brand, which proved to be exactly what she needed.


More and more, we are finding that people prefer to buy things from other people, rather than from businesses. This is especially true for service-based businesses such as real estate, where the face of the agent is the primary point of contact for anyone interested in procuring their services.

For Tanja, we needed to create a stronger bond between her own personal character and her potential leads. Our advertising strategy began with first understand WHO Tanja was, and how we could capitalize on her personality to bring people into her brand.

Our video strategy was centered on separating Tanja as being a unique individual. She's much more than just a real estate agent: she's in a rock band, she supports local businesses, she's a community leader, and we wanted all of that to shine through when it came to her video production process.

In terms of advertising, due to the saturation of real estate agents within the advertising space, we knew that we would be battling against other advertisers with potentially larger budgets. That's why we deepened the valuable content of her digital funnel by offering relocation guides to potential leads, in addition to absolutely swarming them with Tanja's brand, voice, and expertise via video content. This strategy aimed to achieve higher click-through-rates, which meant we would be able to generate more leads with less overall unique viewership, which would traditionally require a much higher advertising budget for the real estate space.

The Results

With Zillow being the primary source of digital leads in the real estate industry, we knew that we were competing against an average cost of $65-150 per real estate lead.

Using our video strategy and advertising structure, Homes With Tanja procures leads for around $50 per lead, month after month.

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