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Make Room Apparel


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-Generate Online Sales

-Grow Social Media Following

-Find Target Audience


There's nothing more challenging than establishing yourself as a relevant brand amongst your target audience, ESPECIALLY as a new business. Make Room Apparel was no exception, and as a relatively new clothing brand they needed assistance with finding an online audience who wanted to purchase their apparel.

With a mutually agreed upon understanding that social media was a game-changing source of revenue for online clothing brands, we crafted a plan of attack that would allow us to grow their following, make sales, and understand their online consumer profile.


We spent a lot of time doing market research for Make Room Apparel. There were so many examples of clothing brands that were doing extremely well online, that we really wanted to ride the line of not re-creating the wheel and differentiating the brand when it came to our overall strategy.

What we established was that brands with a strong meaning behind their clothing seemed to have more engaged online audiences. Therefore, we focused our content strategy on conveying one message in multiple different ways and in different formats. This allowed us to learn about the different types of audiences that naturally accumulated around each video, while also learning about which demographics proved to be the most profitable for the Make Room Apparel brand to focus on engaging with.

Since this was their first ever round of advertising, they had no prior data history to work with. This meant that they had no data to make decisions with, so we put a heavy emphasis on utilizing even the smallest bits of data gained in the first few days of the campaign to find advertising patterns in places where most ad agencies would have seen none. We quickly found higher traction with Instagram, which led us towards a more narrow focus on building the Make Room Apparel community there.

The Results

After the launch of our digital branding campaign, Make Room Apparel's Instagram account increased to 2,100 followers, resulting in a community of repeat purchasers and dozens of online sales in addition to achieving organic content views in excess of 35,000 views for a single video.

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