Videos can transform the financial future of your business

Here's the truth: 95% of purchases are made for emotional reasons. High-quality video is THE BEST WAY to connect emotionally to your target audience online.  

Here's the next truth: YOU don't want to be responsible for creating your own video content. We understand, and that's why we created a stress-free video production process designed specifically to take the burden away from your business.

Chess Pieces

Step 1: Strategize

The best way for your business to make money from video content is for us to nail down an exact strategy which outlines who the video is for, where it will be seen, where the video belongs in your marketing funnel, and what type of actions we want to drive from viewers.

Close up storyboard content planning of production media of the Blogger or Vlog and the la

Step 2: Prepare

We send you and your team a storyboard for the day of filming which outlines each of the different scenes that will be filmed. In addition, we get all scripts and talking points sent over well before the day of the video shoot. You will have everything you need to feel confident and ready by the time we start filming.

Filming in a Studio

Step 3: Show Time!

Our in-house production team comes to the film site(s) and puts your vision together behind the camera! Then it's rinse and repeat until your business has a powerful revenue-generating content library.

Your business needs content creation.

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